Series 09.

For heavy duty and special vehicles.

Series 09 Rugged Keypads offer high reliability: The modules are designed for E1 applications and are suitable for safety-relevant applications in accordance with ISO 26262 and EN ISO 13849. The CAN bus connection ensures an intelligent and free programmability. The robust, modular design with sealing levels of up to IP6K9K according to DIN ISO 20653 and the ability to customize and individually select and arrange the keypad legends make these high-quality devices ideally suited for harsh use in heavy duty and special vehicles.

Rugged Keypad Variants

The Series 09 Rugged Keypads are available with 6 and 8 pushbuttons and also in a range of different variants. All these have the flexibility of interchangeable legends, but come with a choice of different illumination features and connector types for example. Depending on the variant, the Rugged Keypads are also suitable for safety-relevant applications.


  • Robust, ergonomic and innovative design sealed up to IP6K9K protection according to DIN ISO 20653
  • Suitable for functional safety applications according to ISO 26262 and EN ISO 13849
  • Intelligent HMIs with CAN bus integration
  • Programmable 4-segment RGB halo ring illumination for function feedback
  • High flexibility due to interchangeable ISO 7000 or customized symbols

Status indication with halo segments

The 4-segment RGB halo ring illumination of the Rugged Keypads is ideal for dynamic status indications such as the display of fill levels or the gradual control of speed. This provides users with constant feedback on the current operating status. The distinguishing colours and the ability to make the four separate RGB segments light up, flash, pulsate or rotate guarantee intuitive operation and the intelligent integration into a customer-specific operating concept.

With the individually programmable LEDs it is possible to define different function layers and individual functions per segment – for even more functionality combined in one HMI.


Series 09 Protective Shroud

The robust and shock-resistant Series 09 Protective Shroud not only provides reliable protection against unintentional actuation and operating errors, but also serves to comply with specific standards in various areas of application. For example, the EN1501-1:2021 standard requires all control and monitoring units on the outside of garbage trucks to be secured against accidental actuation or contact. The new Protective Shroud of Series 09 separates the individual pushbuttons. The additional guidance of the fingers makes it easy to operate the desired function even when wearing work gloves.

  • Prevention of unintentional actuation
  • Finger guidance and separation of the individual pushbuttons
  • Reduced risk of operating errors
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Series 46 EcoTouch.

Reliable, cost-effective, modular.

Series 46 pushbuttons are ideal for general industrial applications where reliable switching is required. Series 46 is easy to assemble and offers a wide range of actuator styles suitable for both 22mm and 30mm mounting.



  • Raised 22mm mount and flush 30mm mounting
  • Choice of plastic or metal front bezel
  • Raised, recessed and flush to bezel lens profiles
  • Silver, or gold-plated silver contacts
  • Ideal pushbutton for use on budget equipment

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