Build your swivel arms in individual length and design with the FATH friction joints. The joints are featured with a fixed friction torque, which is available in 6 levels. Combine the different friction torques to adapt your

system arm to your application. The axis of the FATH friction joints can be positioned both vertically and horizontally. This offers a wide range of new possibilities for providing tools and materials in an ergonomic and

organized way.

Just by pivoting, the finished system arm can be used multi-dimensionally to adapt to different working positions and workpiece, product or body sizes.

Another Plus: Flexible Assembly

The FATH friction joints can be attached to the profile lengthwise, crosswise or at the front side.
The sets already contain the mounting material for the frontal mounting on a profile piece as well as the side mounting in the profile slot.
When attaching on flat surfaces the centering plates are simply not used.


Easy Assembly and Each One in 6 different Versions…

The assembly of the FATH friction joints is incredibly easy, because the openings for the fixing screws are easily accessible from the outside – the screws can simply be inserted through the joint halves to tighten

the profile in the desired position. The fixing holes of the FATH friction joints will be covered with cover caps.


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