Low-Cost Brushless Pancake Resolvers


Rugged, reliable – ideal for demanding environments. Brushless resolvers provide accurate position and velocity feedback as well as commutation in precision equipment, without the structural or temperature restrictions imposed by other electronic feedback devices. They are resistant to the shock and vibration levels often encountered in industrial and instrument applications.

These low cost brushless resolvers are available in standard sizes or with custom modifications. Our Engineering Department is available for consultation to help tailor a brushless resolver to fit your needs.


  • 1, 2, 3, 4 speeds standard; others available
  • Ideal for brushless dc motor commutation
  • Compact design
  • Mounts directly on motor shaft – no coupling devices needed
  • No brushes or contacts
  • High reliability: long-life design – no bearing or electronics
  • Compatible with A / D converters
  • 1,200 – 10,000 Hz frequency range standard
  • Low electrical noise
  • Ruggedness in demanding environments no glass discs or optics to fail
  • Low cost
  • Custom modifications available
  • High speeds, up to 15 kRPM for size 21 and 22, up to 20 kRPM for smaller sizes


Size Options

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