S1 Cabinets are an economical solution for mounting and accessing 19″ equipment used for Test & Measurement, Medical, Communications, Security & General Electronics. Multiple sizes, configurations, and accessories give the S1 Cabinets wide application flexibility. This versatile cabinet adapts to many applications and is offered in 12 standard sizes with a full line of easy to assemble accessories.

The S1 is certified to UL 2416 (Static load tested to 3000 lbs. and bonding and grounding certification requires accessory kit PGK). The cabinet has been tested under the industry recognized standard for a carrier shipping to 1000 lbs. Caster and Caster Leveler kits were tested for endurance – Light Duty to 900 lbs. and Heavy Duty to 3000 lbs.

The S1 has 12 standard pre-configured, ready-to-order cabinets with a full lineup of accessories. Accessories include Locks, Casters, Caster/Levelers, Rack Angles, Ground and Bonding Kits, Vertical and Horizontal Cable Managers, Joining Kits, Mobile Base, PDU Mounting Kits and Grid/Strut Mount Members. S1 can be easily customized with off-the-shelf, pre-engineered accessories to meet various applications.


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