At Radiall, Simplification is our Innovation.

Just four years after the start of its production, the OCTIS connector is recognized as a preferred standard to enhance the design of small, high-performance 4.5 and 5G radio equipment.

New versions of OCTIS plugs and receptacles are created every month. Introduced in 2018, the wider version (41 mm) was one of the biggest successes that enabled the use of QSFP transceivers on Remote Radio Heads. Now, this wider plug is going to be produced as a harness that can accommodate various interfaces in a single housing. The new harness will maintain its exceptionally small form factor and rugged OCTIS design, which is particularly suited for harsh environments.

During the design phase, users can customize their own interface arrangement by selecting and placing the adequate modules to match their specific needs. The following modules are currently available: Ethernet (up to Cat 6a), AC or DC power, coax (SMP-Com) and multi-contact.


  • Modular arrangement of various interfaces in a single housing
  • Smallest size on the market of I/O connectors
  • 20-year lifespan in harsh environments

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